What does the "classroom of the future" look like?
How can space and environment enable learning?

Educational settings are increasingly being designed to facilitate project-based and collaborative interactions with specific attention to mobility, flexibility, and multiple device usage. The LHRIC is pleased to introduce our new Active Learning Center for the 2015-2016 school year. We hope you will join us as we explore how space, technology, and instructional design intersect in the unique field of active learning.

Instead of the traditional lecture-oriented room, this new classroom emphasizes group learning and collaboration. An instructor now serves as a facilitator – guiding exploration, designing transitions, monitoring progress, answering questions, providing resources, and interacting with learners throughout the space. 

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October 2015

Come Visit!
Email us: alc@lhric.org.

Host Your Event in the ALC!
LHRIC Model Schools members may request use of the ALC @ LHRIC to host their own learning events, training sessions, or meetings. Request a time via email at alc@lhric.org.

Take a Tour!
Visit us in person to touch, explore, and see the ALC @ LHRIC for yourself! Request a time by email at alc@lhric.org.