What does the "classroom of the future" look like?
How can space and environment enable learning?

Educational settings are increasingly being designed to facilitate project-based and collaborative interactions with specific attention to mobility, flexibility, and multiple device usage. The LHRIC opened it's Active Learning Center (ALC) in 2015 as a location to explore how space, technology, and instructional design intersect in the unique field of active learning.

Instead of the traditional lecture-oriented room, this new classroom emphasizes group learning and collaboration. An instructor now serves as a facilitator – guiding exploration, designing transitions, monitoring progress, answering questions, providing resources, and interacting with learners throughout the space.

Come Visit!

The LHRIC Active Learning Center is located in the SWBOCES/LHRIC location in Harrison, NY.

Take a Tour

Visit us in person to touch, explore, and see the
ALC @ LHRIC for yourself!

Host Your Event in the ALC

LHRIC Model Schools members may request use of the ALC @ LHRIC to host their own learning events, training sessions, or meetings.

Request a time by emailing: alc@lhric.org.

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