A Case for Space

Hear how design thinking is transforming classrooms and learning spaces around the world from Sean Corcorran, General Manager of Steelcase Education Solutions.

Active Learning Sessions from LHRIC


Redefining Learning Spaces [PPT ONLINE]. S. Martabano. NYSCATE, Fall 2015.
PhilaU Active Learning Symposium, Summer 2016. Make Your Own: Active Learning Room Diagram

Infographics & Job Aids

The Science of Classroom Design. USC Rossier School of Education.
Consider Your Classroom Readiness for Active Learning.Excerpt thinking matrix from forthcoming "Get Active - Your Turn Workbook" from ISTE & Steelcase Education. (Anticipated publication date, unknown.)


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Get Active: Reimagining Learning Spaces for Student Success. Published by ISTE with support from Intel and Steelcase Education, this guidebook helps today’s educators make sense of the shifting landscape in modern education. (Webinar with authors hosted by Teacher Engage - Intel.)
From the Campfire to the Holodeck, by David Thornburg.
Productive Work Group by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, Sandi Everlove.
Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration by S. Doorley & S. Witthoft (2012)

Research & Whitepapers

The Active Learning Continuum. Center for Digital Ed, 2016. Results from recent CDE survey and strategies for moving forward for districts and schools. "86% of education leaders say active learning improves learning outcomes."
Horizon Report 2015 K-12 Edition - Interim Results Page 3. "Mid-term Trends" accelerating K-12 Ed Tech Adoption - Redesigning Learning Spaces & Increasing Use of Collaborative Learning Approaches (final due June 2016).
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Thinking about Active Learning Spaces in Your Organization?

The LHRIC Instructional Technology team created these "checklists" as resources for schools and districts exploring the future of active learning spaces, classrooms, and environments in their community.

checklist for envisioning learning spaces
checklist for it's all about the accessories
checklist for designing sessions
checklist for 1st year opening be prepared to...
checklist for leading sessions

The ALC's Learning Zones & Furniture

sharing studio zone icon
collaboratory zone icon
reflection lounge zone icon
knowledge kiosk zone icon

The ALC's Technology

Technical systems configuration schematic design by S. Jones, OneVision Solutions. Extron touch panel GUI design and specification design by R. Hall, LHRIC.

Added Spring 2016:

  • 2 AppleTVs

  • 2 Chromecasts

control panel interface showing the startup screen in the LHRIC active learning center

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